Meet Me At The Falls

Publisher: Pen, Pint & Pyre

Part 1 - The End

Author (Short Story)

The end of the world is only the beginning of the Murphy family's problems.

A strange orb blazes in the sky destroying everything it touches. Society crumbles to ash leaving people to fight over dwindling resources. Conspiracy theories of what really happened begin to surface. Was it nuclear war? An outbreak? Alien invasion? No one truly knows.

In the chaos of this post apocalyptic America, the Murphys—Alan and Charlotte, the parents, and their kids, Edwin, Tricia and Wiley—have become hopelessly separated and are barely surviving. Long ago, the family had discussed this scenario of where they would meet if doomsday ever really happened:

Snoqualmie Falls, their old summer campsite. They must meet there soon...or the Murphys will never see each other again.

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