"Ninety Percent Nick" Now Available

I'm happy to announce that my latest short story is now available on Amazon. It's called Ninety Percent Nick. One part horror, one part psychological thriller, the story follows a guy who begins losing time from his day. At first, it's just a few seconds here or there, but soon it grows to minutes... and then hours. He has no idea how it started, how he can make it stop and what he's doing during that missing time. Let's just say, he's up to no good.

Click here to check out Ninety Percent Nick on Amazon.

New year. New horror story.

I try to publish a horror story every year for Halloween. However, I always start it way, way too late and finish even later. This year, I thought I had it right for once. I started a story back in the summer, but due to workload at Telltale couldn't write hard until September. After I finished the 30-pager, I sent it over to a handful of beta-readers, did several rounds of revisions, and enlisted my wife to illustrate a stylish cover. By that time 2017 had become 2018... but it's finally done!

So, here we are, almost a month into the new year and the story is ready for release. If I'm being totally honest with myself, I should start writing my next horror right now if I want any chance of getting it out this calendar year. Knowing myself, I won't start it until October 1st.

The link for the short story will be up tomorrow so until then check out this awesome cover (and title reveal!) that my wife cooked up. I love it.


Drax is back.

In Episode 4 of our Guardians series titled "Who Needs You," we focus on Drax (You can see the trailer here). One of the special things about our series is that we delve into the Guardians' backstories before they became who they are today. Before Peter is Star-Lord. Before Raccoon has partnered with Groot. Before Gamora is the deadliest assassin in the galaxy. Before Drax is known as "the Destroyer."

It's much more "Drax the Dad" this time around.


We've only ever seen him in the context of kicking the crap out of bad guys or being so literal that he annoys everyone around him... but what was Drax like as a father? Strange as that question may be to ask, it gets at the core of who he really is. His whole life has been dedicated to killing the man who killed his wife and daughter so what was he like when they were still alive? You'll get to play through Drax's backstory which we've never really seen in the comics or films. A big shout-out to Marvel for letting us take a stab at this, no pun intended.

Oh, and don't worry: there is no shortage of epic shootouts, dangerous spaceship action, monstrous worms and lots of laughs in this episode, plus a choice that will forever change the Guardians. If you're not careful, one or more of them might not make it out alive...

Guardians Funko Toys!

I've been super excited about this for a while now so I'm glad I can finally share the news. Telltale has partnered with Funko to bring four characters from our Guardians of the Galaxy franchise to store shelves. Rocket, Lylla, Hala the Accuser and Gamora. I'm certainly going to pick them all up when they're released in December.

Perfect, adorable stocking stuffers.


The music is back. (Guardians of the Galaxy Ep. 3)

After a long pause, the music is back.

This week, we released the third episode of our Guardians series entitled "More Than A Feeling." In this episode, we delve into the troubled history of Gamora and Nebula to learn of a specific event that forever changed their relationship. Spoiler alert: You get to play as both Gamora AND Nebula. Oh, and of course Peter Quill too. It's definitely the most fun episode of the season so far with lots of surprises and a catchy, interactive montage along the way.


I've been super excited about this episode since its inception. We learn more about the secrets of the Eternity Forge. We meet an emotional new character (who I won't reveal here). We confront a bully as young Peter Quill. We get to kick ass as Gamora. And, in the end, there is a choice that splits the ENTIRE BACK HALF OF THE SEASON. That's right, the final choice in 103 is not some bait and switch, it actually ripples throughout episode 4 and 5 in a major way. The first two episodes have been building up to this moment so choose wisely. The Guardians will not forget this decision... and there is no going back once you pick sides.

So don't just sit around rubbing your chin... go pick up the new episode! It will make Groot very, very happy.


A comic based on a game based on a movie, etc

This week, Marvel Comics and Telltale Games released a five-issue comic series based on our Guardians of the Galaxy game. It's written by Fred Van Lente, artwork by Salvador Espin, and cover by David Nakayama. As Fred astutely points out this is a comic based on a game based on a movie based on a comic. The series tells the backstory of the Guardians' conflict with Thanos the Mad Titan which leads straight into the climatic confrontation in Episode 1.

Not only is it hilarious and chock-full of great character interactions, but Fred wrote several classic "Telltale Moments" into the series where we see the difficult decisions Peter Quill must make as a leader. In Issue #1, Gamora proposes sneaking in to get the jump on their enemies while Drax prefers a brute-force head-on assault. What will Peter choose?

Fred, who I worked with at Telltale on The Walking Dead: Michonne series, has a unique perspective on both the Guardians and how we make interactive stories so he was absolutely the right person to write this series. I can't wait to see where he takes it next.

Pop on by your local comic shop (or Comixology) and be sure to pick up all three variants before they run out!

Episode 1 and 2 Concept Art

Fear not, loyal Telltale fan! The next Guardians episode will be here soon. We will be making an announcement about Episode 3 (along with new seasons of Wolf Among Us, Batman, and Walking Dead) at Comic-Con. Until that episode arrives why not feast your eyes on some concept art from Episodes 1 and 2?

Just click to progress through the slideshow!

After two years, we meet again at "The Falls"

I can't believe it's been over two years since we last published a part of Meet Me At The Falls (Part 3 - Submersion). But yes, sadly, it has been. John, Ben and myself have not been sitting idly all these months — we've been hard at work. Many writing sessions. Phone calls. Skype discussions. Revisions. Edits. Whiskey. All that and more were required to get this dang part down on paper. It is the longest and most complex yet. To make a very fair and balanced comparison, it is longer than The Great Gatsby.

"Why did it take so long?" you ask.

Well, John wrote a wonderful afterword for Part 4 which chronicles his writing process and challenges faced along the way so I will leave most of the answer for our intrepid readers. He, in particular, had an incredibly difficult swatch of story to tackle which wove together plot, character and conspiracy threads for Alan's story in ways we didn't initially conceive. It was a grueling revision process, but in the end John honed it down to finely chiseled marble statue. He's Michelangelo with a pen.

In Part 4, ominously titled "Immolation," the series takes a turn for the dark and dire as all the Murphy family's fears begin coming true. It has moments of beauty and desperation, life and loss, and of all the writing we've done for the series, I am the most proud of what Ben, John and I have put down for Part 4.

For those readers still with us on this long journey, or new ones who have just found the path, I hope you enjoy Meet Me At The Falls (Part 4 - Immolation), available now on Amazon.