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DOF_Season1_web For those of you who are fans of Nick Keller's music, and need your next melodic fix, definitely check out the Duke of Fancy Season 1 Soundtrack, now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Unlike Dick Figures, this score is primarily orchestral with lots of catchy, classical tracks. Give the album a listen—the Duke commands it.

SERIES FINALE: Duke of Fancy - "Love to Hate" Yes, it's true. This episode marks the series finale for Duke of Fancy. Co-creator/writer/director/animator/gentleman John Dusenberry and I had a wonderful time mingling with millionaires and finding fun for the man who can have anything. With every episode, we started with a wild "what if" and then just ran with the crazy. Having a protagonist who could literally buy the sky, there was no shortage of zany ideas. For shows, and stories in general, it takes time for the creators and the fans to build a relationship of trust that they're going to see something hilarious every week so it's unfortunate to be leaving this soon. At least, we're glad to have been able to make this show at all.

Thank you to everyone who watched Duke of Fancy, and those who worked on it too. We hope you learned to fear anyone wearing a floating top hat and sporting a cane.

Duke of Fancy - How To Kill A Man In this penultimate episode of "Duke of Fancy" our hero passes on some good ol' fashion knowledge about life, death, and making living things dead. John Dusenberry and I had a blast coming up with gags for these How To episodes and only wish we had more episodes to show them all. Two weeks from now we'll be airing the "Duke of Fancy" finale which was one of the most fun we've ever worked on. It's literally out of this world. Thanks to everyone who has watched the series, and enjoy the new episode!

DUKE OF FANCY - How To Be Rich In this week's installment of DUKE OF FANCY, our honest hero teaches you how to become rich (but not as rich as him, of course)! Valuable topics include: how to choose a top hat, how to end poverty, and how to hit on the ladies.

John Dusenberry and I created these "how to" videos from the Duke in honor of the old educational films from the 1950s with jittery film grain, outlandish solutions to daily problems and thinly veiled bigotry. That's the equation to comedy success.

Now, learn from the man who knows absolutely nothing about everything by watching this video.

Duke of Fancy - Hunting Chops At long last, Duke of Fancy begins again. Welcome the world's richest man back to YouTube with his brand new episode "Hunting Chops". We're thrilled to announce nine more episodes of DOF heading your way every other week starting... now!

The show was created by co-author of Meet Me At The Falls, John Dusenberry (who was also a storyboard artist/animator on "Dick Figures The Movie") and myself for the all-animation YouTube channel Rugburn. We've had the best time working on Duke of Fancy and cannot wait for you guys to see what kind of trouble the Duke gets into.

Spoiler alert: Lots.

"Duke of Fancy" Coming Next Week! Announcing the triumphant return, but also strangely the beginning, of my new animated web-series, Duke of Fancy!

Co-created by John Dusenberry, of Dick Figures and Meet Me At The Falls fame, the animated web-series follows the exploits of the richest man in the world who does whatever the damn-hell he pleases only to have it backfire in everyone else's face. It is in no way, shape or form inspired by my book The Success of Suexliegh (edited by John Dusenberry...). Okay, well, maybe just a little bit.

Duke of Fancy. September 17. Get ready to be greedy.

Duke of Fancy - Teaser The Duke of Fancy show premiere (and Christmas special) is just a week away! In honor of the new show I'm co-writing/directing with my good friend John Dusenberry we have released a teaser trailer highlighting the Duke's questionable attributes.


Along with Dogsnack, the show by Ed Skudder and Lynn Wang (both of Dick Figures notoriety), we are part of a new YouTube channel run entirely by artists called Rug Burn which was put together by the guys at Six Point Harness/Titmouse. Lots of amazing, original animation is heading to the channel soon so be sure to subscribe.