Who says nothing is free?

On this most damning of Tax Days, I will be giving away 25 copies of my book "The Success of Suexliegh" narrated by Nicolas D. Frantela with original music by Nick Keller. The story begins after Suexliegh, the richest person in our universe, forgets to pay his taxes and spirals the entire world economy into the toilet. From there, he must climb out and try to become the great man he always thought he was (but really isn't).

If you're interested in a free copy of the audiobook, please say so in a comment and I'll send it over right away. (Edit: Only 12 copies left!)


"Suexliegh" Advertisement

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8uYllm1eGU The narrator for "The Success of Suexliegh," Nicolas D. Frantela, put together a spiffy advertisement featuring Suexliegh and Quincy. If you like what you hear, there's a whole audiobook available on on AmazoniTunes and Audible.

"The Success of Suexliegh" Full Audiobook For Sale


After 100-hours of solid work, my good friend (and creative juggernaut) Nicolas D. Frantela has completed the unabridged audiobook for "The Success of Suexliegh." Nic put his heart and soul into the production of this audiobook and it really shows. For each character, of which there are dozens, Nic created unique voices and accents which makes them come to life before your very ears. True to his multi-faceted abilities, Nic was the narrator, recording engineer, and editor for the full 7.25 hour audiobook. While writing the book was a labor of love for me, recording it was the same for him. Add in some original music  from my brother Nick and you've got yourself an auditory treat.

Starting today, you can find "The Success of Suexliegh" audiobook on Amazon, iTunes or AudibleListening is a pleasure most fine so I urge you to join Suexliegh on his journey to find out what truly makes a man rich (while making Nic rich too).

"The Success of Suexliegh" Ch. 8 - Cheque Mates

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkJ1xbNxhZw Follow along with this week's jaunt through the wonderful world of Suexliegh and see what a rich person's wallet can do. Spoilers: anything.

Also, I'm proud and very pleased to announce that the full audiobook for "The Success of Suexliegh," narrated by Nicolas D. Frantela, has just been completed. After adding a few special bonuses it will be available for download in the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy the newest chapter!

"The Success of Suexliegh" Ch. 7 - Pennywinkle (Audiobook)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYaW9A-lQdo In this week's chapter of "The Success of Suexliegh," the aforementioned hero does not want to miss the upcoming horse race, but he's stuck under house arrest! Listen to the audiobook, narrated by Nicolas D. Frantela, to find out how he gets there (hint: it involves lots and lots of money).

Also, as you've likely noticed, I've redesigned this blog. It's much more friendly on the eyes and browser speeds. Hope you like the new look, and enjoy this week's Suexliegh!