"A Bee Or Something" Hits 10,000,000 Views

TenMillionViews The first episode of Dick Figures called "A Bee Or Something" just hit 10,000,000 views. It took 819 days which means an average of over 12,000 views a day. Even though the show has technically been off the air since last summer due to production of Dick Figures The Movie, the viewcount has continued to remain strong.

There were many factors to the success of the show; the characters and comedy, the music, the short duration of episodes, a distributor with a million plus subscribers, and a seriously rabid fan-base. In the end it's entirely thanks to them that the show just crested 200 million total views and our Kickstarter funded successfully. One thing we were educated about very early on by Mondo Media was consistency: make sure every week on X day around X time a new episode is released. Not only will this keep it relevant in the minds of the YouTube audience too often prone to the infinite distractions of the web, but you're also able to link back to previous episodes to give them a view-bump and append links to your online store, Facebook page, or anywhere else you want to direct clicks. It's an episode and a commercial all in one. Though we took short breaks between seasons, every two weeks for two years we released an episode of Dick Figures which keep the fans regularly tuning in for more.


This Google Insights graph for the search term "dick figures", from November 2010 when the first episode aired until present, represents a clear view of the importance of consistency. You can see that with every episode release there is a corresponding peak in traffic that gradually continues upwards as the view count of the show increased. In June 2012, we announced Dick Figures The Movie via the 35th episode of our show, "First Day of Cool", and began an aggressive six-week campaign to promote the Kickstarter that was not only mentioned on various sites, blogs, and forums, but also at the end of every other Dick Figures episode that was released. Over three million people saw that episode alone in addition to the hundreds of thousands that saw the Kickstarter video which helped push the show to its peak of popularity. Once the Kickstarter funded, Season 4 ended, and production on the movie began, there has been a steady decline due to our relatively silent web presence even though we're working twelve-hour days on the feature film. We will be back soon.


Additionally, you can see the search volume for "ed skudder" and "zack keller" closely correspond with the rise of the show's popularity. The sharp peak in July for me was not only due to the end of the Kickstarter, but this was also the same time that I released my first book, The Success of Suexliegh, which lead to several blog posts and interviews along with general search traffic on Amazon. Oh yeah, and I started blogging. All that traffic could also be referring to that one romantic novel that has a character with a strangely similar name, but who knows.

Though we always planned to end Dick Figures with a movie, with this ten-million milestone reached it somehow feels like this is only the beginning.