"Aachi & Ssipak" Re-edited, re-dubbed, re-ally weird

Several years ago, Ed Skudder and I were approached by Mondo Media about a cult animated feature made in Korea called "Aachi & Ssipak." At that time, only a Korean version with English subtitles existed, but getting ahold of it was tricky. Mondo asked us to re-write the script, re-dub the voices, and re-edit the movie which would then be cut up into chapters and released on YouTube. It was a progressive strategy to deal with serialized, ad-supported content which we eventually employed on "Dick Figures The Movie." We said "yes" and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The process was a strange mix of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and solving a Rubik's Cube as we had to reconstruct the film while adding in jokes wherever possible. Some scenes were eliminated (for ratings reasons), others shortened to speed the pace, and the rest, primarily action scenes, we just let run wild. Especially the Staircase Battle—when you see it, you'll know. The voice actors consisted of mostly Dick Figures favorites (Ben Tuller, Shea Logsdon, and Eric Bauza) to fill out the wacky cast of characters. Also, we hired a sound designer, Nick Ainsworth, to beef up those shoot outs, and a new composer, Kevin Seaton (of the Mad Decent label), to supply some bumpin' dub-step beats. I highly recommend you check out the soundtrack by Kevin as there are some brain-shattering tracks. It was a very collaborative, and creative, effort to make the movie work, but we can guarantee it's unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Now, at long last, Mondo Media presents "Aachi & Ssipak" in free, weekly chapters on YouTube. And if you can't wait to see how it ends, you can buy the movie on iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon, and Mondomedia.com.

To the Korean crew who created this movie: you did an amazing job...hopefully we didn't ruin it.