"Canyon In The Clouds" Short Story (Now On Amazon!)


This year was one of the hottest on record, just like the year before, and the year before that. Sometimes reaching as high as 113 degrees. Even the air conditioning running full blast (for those lucky ones still with power) could hardly quell the heat. Placing a palm on a window to the outside was unnaturally warm and for several days not many people went outdoors. When they did, it was from shadow to shadow always making sure to park in underground lots where it was still cool. Sometimes.

Late one evening in the midst of this heatwave I decided to write a short story that reflected the sweltering mood. That story is called "Canyon In The Clouds", a western/thriller, and follows three men tasked to hang a convicted felon far outside of a dusty town in a vast, scorching desert. The worst possible place for everything to go wrong. The beautiful and haunting cover was once again done by Lindsey. If you are interested, it is just $0.99 on Amazon.com.