Cathedral of the Crow

Okay, Death Heads, sorry for the delay, but we're back! Issue #5 - Cathedral of the Crow is on the shelf RIGHT NOW. Issue 4 dropped a megaton bomb... there are multiple plague doctors. But how many? And which one(s) are after the Burtons? And what are the rest doing? AND WHY?!?!?!

I like questions in storytelling, almost as much as I like answers. So for all of you out there wondering "How the hell is this going to weave together?" I can confidently say "It totally will." Death Head has been a slow burn since the beginning, but the stakes and tension have been steadily mounting page by page. By the end of Issue 5, we're hoping your head will explode from sheer awesomeness (Yes, another BIG thing happens on the final page).

Head on over to your local shop and pick up Issue 5 today because nothing says "the holidays" like Plague Doctors.