Chick Figures in "Mighty Neckbeard" Yeah, it finally happened. What started as a joke has become an actual web-series. So here's what went down:

When creating the last few episodes of Dick Figures Season 5, Ed Skudder and I began discussing a potential gender bending episode. We decided to literally take the entire cast of Dick Figures and invert their genders, except Lord Tourettes who stayed the same. (Lady Tourettes, perhaps?) That episode was super fun to do because Shea Logsdon and Lauren K. Sokolov got to become leading ladies while Ed and I took a back seat. Since we knew the original run of Dick Figures episodes was coming to an end, we just wanted to do something zany and bizarre and dedicated to the female portion of our audience.

Right before the episode aired, Ed and I jokingly said: "I bet this will become a spin-off series."

Lo and behold, not long afterward, Mondo came to us with an opportunity to do exactly that on Fusion, a TV network that would also allow us to air the episodes on YouTube. That is how Chick Figures came to be.

Now, to set the record straight, there is no record. Some people think this series takes places concurrently with Dick Figures. Some that this is an alternate universe. However, I like to believe it's what we set up in Ep511 "Figured Out." In this episode, we learn that, after Dick Figures The Movie, Red and Blue move on with their lives, grow up and have kids. These kids are Scarlet and Lavender who become childhood best friends.

This is their story, and the stick figure circle of life is complete. Plus, it's fun to think that Red and Blue are off being two middle-aged dudes somewhere.

Thank you to everyone who watched Dick Figures, and is now watching Chick Figures. Your support means the world to me.