Collaborative Writing to Create "Meet Me At The Falls"

You might ask yourself, "Why are three authors writing one story?" or "How did this whole thing come about?" or even "What does 'Meet Me At The Falls' mean?”

Here are the answers.

Some time ago, we overheard a family discussing a peculiar topic:

"Where should we meet if the world ends?"

From this simple question, we three authors, John Dusenberry, Zack Keller and Ben Tuller, challenged ourselves to actually find out what happens to this family by writing an ongoing story of survival. Initially, we decided there would be three different stories, but there was a catch.

Each author would write one character's story, but we wouldn't tell each other what was going to happen.

That was it.

There was no discussion of how or why the world had ended, who these characters were, where they came from, or what they were going to do. We just gave ourselves the prompt, sharpened our pencils and said, "Go."


What came of this structure was an incredibly original and diverse tale told by the voices of three separate authors, then honed into one. Twists and turns were never planned, nor did we hold discussions of which characters should live or die. It felt, to each of us, like we were lost in the wilderness just like the Murphy family (our protagonists). Since we did not outline the overall story (though we do know the ending), what happens next is just as much a mystery to the three of us as it will be to the reader.

Join us and the Murphy family in this epic five-part saga where every turn of the page brings adventure into the wilds of a broken world, heart-breaking drama as mankind becomes the monsters they’ve always feared, and answers to why the world ended that only raise more sinister questions. Much is unknown, but we ask you to:


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