Comicon 2016. And how tired I am now.

San Diego Comicon 2016 was exhausting, but the pattern is predictable. I roll into San Diego excited to see old friends and check out new things on the convention floor. I roll out a tired, sweaty, irritable husk of a man who needs more coffee. This year was no exception... and it was totally worth every second. Some highlights:

  • Roadtripping with my good friend Eric Stirpe
  • Drinking moscow mules with my brother Nick and animation pal John Dusenberry
  • Chatting with Mike Richardson and Spencer Cushing at the Dark Horse Booth
  • Giving out signed Death Head Issue #1s and our newly released trade paperback
  • Getting a Troy Baker shout-out after our Batman: A Telltale Series screening
  • Never having to use a bathroom inside the convention center once

Even though I can barely keep my eyes open now, this was one of my favorite Comicons ever. Here's what it looked like through the perspective of my phone's camera: