"Death Head" Book Trailer


After working in the film industry for years, how could I not make a trailer for my comic? Especially since several of the locations in Death Head—the cemetery sewer, an abandoned town in the woods—are actual haunted places near where I grew up. My brother Nick, the co-creator of the series, and I wanted to make a book trailer that set the mood for the comic in a visually stunning way.

About a month ago, I braved my childhood fears and ventured out to these locations in ideal horror movie weather: an intense rainstorm. I shot the footage on a Canon 5D Mark 3 and edited/sound designed/color-graded the trailer in Premiere Pro CC. Nick, who is a composer by day, created the terrifying music, and my friend Eli Levine did the visual effects. From start to finish, the whole production took about three weeks, including a trip to Good Will to find a long black cloak. You really can find everything there.

I recommend that you turn out the lights, turn up the sound and watch this at full 1080p resolution. Oh, and just to make things extra creepy, we hid the Plague Doctor in three shots of the trailer. Can you find him before he finds you?

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