Death Head. In Stores. Now.

DeathHeadShelves After a year of blog posts, secret announcements and waitinggggg, DEATH HEAD Issue #1 "Unmasked" is now on store shelves. FINALLY. If you have a comicbook store in your town, it'll be there...and you should be too picking up your copy! My brother, the Death Head team and I poured our hearts and brains into making this comic the absolute best it can be which really shows on each page. Death Head is honestly the hardest I've ever worked on a project. From writing numerous drafts to nitpicking every last detail of inks, colors, lettering, covers and advertisements, the process has been insanely labor intensive, but it's always been fun due to the amazing team that Dark Horse assembled.

  • Nick Keller - co-creator and brother (who is stronger and taller than me).
  • Joanna Estep - illustrator and consumer of coffee.
  • Kelly Fitzpatrick - colorist and cool hair color haver.
  • John J. Hill - letterer who makes our words look nice and professional.
  • EM Gist - cover artist and mind-exploder with his amazing talent.
  • Jim Gibbons - editor and grower of impressive beards.

I am deeply indebted to each and every one of these people and owe them many gifts of Blue Bottle Coffee. I urge you all to check out their blogs and marvel at their skills.

Okay, so here's the businessy lowdown. Sales of Issue #1 are immensely important to the success of this series. If it sells well—around 10,000 copies—Dark Horse will greenlight a whole 'nother batch of issues. That is exactly what I want because the Burton's story is just too big to be resolved in only 6 issues! I think the moment you see the final splash page you'll be dying to see what happens next. So, here are three easy ways to pick up your very own copy!

  1. At your local store!
  2. Shipped to your front door!
  3. Downloaded to your phone/tablet via Dark Horse's digital app!

The links above should get you everything you need, but you can always comment below with questions. Thank you to everyone who buys a copy of Death Head, or even just helps spread the word on social media, and please let me know what you think!