Death Head. Published by Dark Horse Comics

Having a secret sucks...even if it's a good one. Especially if it's a good one, and this most certainly is. Well, today I can finally spill the beans: The always amazing Dark Horse Comics is publishing Death Head, a horror series created by my brother Nick and I. Yes, starting this July, you can find our 6-issue series in every comic book store that carries Dark Horse Comics.


Death Head follows the inter-woven stories of the Burton family—Niles, Justine, Maggie and Bee—who are being haunted (and hunted) by an ancient villain known as the Plague Doctor. The story blends horror, supernatural, and comedy elements into more page-turning twists than your wrists can handle. The comic was announced today at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle and will be released monthly starting this July. This is a story we've been dying to tell...about lots of people dying...and we are absolutely thrilled with our killer team:

Joanna Estep, of 100th Anniversary Special: Fantastic Four #1 fame, is drawing all pencils/inks. Kelly Fitzpatrick, resident color-genius for Dark Horse, is on coloring duty. Jim Gibbons, Dark Horse's editor, has the noble profession of making us look good, along with assistant editor Spencer Cushing. John J. Hill is turning our scripts into lettering gold. EM Gist's covers will explode your eyeballs with their awesomeness, just like he did with The Strain. Mike Richardson made this comic happen. It's as simple as that. As the president and publisher at Dark Horse, Mike is the sole reason that Death Head exists so Nick and I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Mike.


We're super über ridiculously excited to finally start spamming the internet about this comic so please join us! We wanna hear your thoughts, reveal issue artwork, and release all kinds of behind-the-scenes stuff of making a comic for Dark Horse!

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