Dick Figures The Movie - Day 1 - Animation Begins

DFTM_Day1 Today was the first day of animation for Dick Figures The Movie.

Ever since the Kickstarter funded successfully back in late summer, Ed Skudder, the Dick Figures team, and myself have been hard at work preparing all the elements necessary to actually make an animated feature film. Writing the script, storyboarding scenes, recording dialogue, editing sequences, designing sound, building character models, and prepping animation took months of tireless work by an amazing assortment of talented artists. Most of our hours were spent simply getting the story right, by far the hardest part of making an entertaining movie, so we've taken great care to make sure it's something special. Just a few days ago we finally cracked the last piece of the puzzle and now animation can officially begin.

There were only five animators on Dick Figures Season 4 but we've "ballooned" up to our full (though still tiny) staff of two directors (Ed and myself), two producers, six 2D animators, one 3D animator and our composer (Nick Keller). That's it. At Pixar, Dreamworks, and other major animation studios, movies routinely cost over $150,000,000 vs. our $313,000, employ several hundred artists vs. our dozen, and take 3-5 years of production vs. our 9 months. Though the team and time are truncated, you can still expect it will be the most amazing, animated comedy-adventure featuring stick figures you've ever seen.

Dick Figures has come a long way since we launched the first episode, A Bee or Something (approaching 10 million views), over two years ago and we're thrilled that Red and Blue are finally heading to the big screen. To finish the movie, however, we're going to need all the luck and caffeine we can get.