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Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Dick Figures The Movie

Dick Figures The Movie tells the story of best friends, Red and Blue, who journey around the world hunting down The Great Sword of Destiny. Instead of finding the sword, Blue discovers that Red was never his friend at all. Back when they were kids, Red beat up a bunch of bullies not to save Blue’s life… but to impress all the girls! Now the two friends turned enemies are stuck together in the worst situations imaginable: evading Demon Ninjas, island-hopping in WWII bombers, dodging booby trapped temples, and escaping the French police in a high-speed motorcycle chase all the while at each other’s throats. Not only must Blue get home in time for Pink’s birthday party, but together Red and Blue have to work together to save the world… and their friendship.

Meet Yekra. They're a new type of distribution company that's changing the way creators and fans watch movies. At their core they are in the business of distributing content online. Purchase, rental, download or streaming plus the option to embed your movie directly in Facebook is already pretty cool, but Yekra does something no one else does: they empower the audience to spread the word about a movie they love and make money doing it. It's called AffiliateConnect, something known as "social selling", and is going to change movie distribution forever.


Here's how it works using Dick Figures The Movie as an example.

You watch DFTM, love it, and want to tell your friends, family and social media connections all about it. By simply signing up for AffiliateConnect at, you are supplied with promotional material for the film (production notes, artwork, banners, posters) and embeddable widgets/video players with an affiliate code unique to you. All you need to do is embed the Yekra movie player within your own website or even just share your unique link on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, email, wherever you like, and for every person who buys/rents DFTM from you... you will receive 10% of the sale. Now every single person transforms into their very own movie distributor and will be paid monthly for each sale. Instead of just one distributor, movies can now have millions. It's no longer about big marketing and publicity bucks, but about leveraging an eager, digital fanbase to help spread the word and be monetarily compensated for their hard work.

For independent movies that don't have the reach of Hollywood studios, Yekra allows for word-of-mouth marketing from die-hard fans. For creators, Yekra offers a brilliant new distribution strategy that means more of their projects will see the light of day, make money, and allow them to keep generating content for years to come.

Thank you, Yekra, I'm onboard.

Click here to join the "Dick Figures The Movie" AffiliateConnect program or here to Pre-Order DFTM for Rental! For those who are already signed up for DFTM AffiliateConnect, the Dick Figures team, Ed, and I all thank you.