Dick Figures Fans Are The Greatest

Meet Dave.

Dave has lived and worked in Alberta, Canada for the past several years in various piping/plumbing/mechanical occupations though he always dreamed of being a 3D animator. Unfortunately, due to work and other factors, Dave hasn't had much time to pursue animation but today he became a part of animation history.

For the past two years he has been a fan of our show Dick Figures so when the Kickstarter was announced he immediately donated an incredible $2,500 to not only receive all the Kickstarter prizes (movie, shirt, poster, hat, signed painting, etc) but also be a voice actor and have a guest cameo in the movie. Just yesterday he hopped in his car and drove twenty-four hours from Vancouver Island all the way to Los Angeles where he arrived... with gifts.

Famous Tim Horton's coffee, mugs, stuffed animal keychains, fridge magnets, lots and lots of cookies, and Canadian flags... for the entire studio. We were all absolutely blown away by his graciousness. Dave spent the morning at the studio meeting with the storyboard artists and animators at Six Point Harness (even signing his name into one of the backgrounds!), watching in progress scenes from the movie, and recording for several different characters. Even though he doesn't work in animation, he's now a big part of this animated movie.

Dave just left the studio to drive back up to Canada then will be flying out to Japan to help with the Fukushima nuclear recovery. He is truly one of a kind and Ed, the cast and crew of Dick Figures, and I thank him.