Dick Figures The Movie - Baguette-Away

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssCWz1WCnbo This is the chapter of Dick Figures The Movie you've been waiting for. Guns. Cars. Motorcycles. Helicopters. Explosions. THE. PARIS. CHASE. Sequence 19 "Baguette Away" was the most difficult three minutes in the entire film as it blended 2D/3D, a highly choreographed car chase, pounding electronic score and the most layered sound design we'd ever done. As huge fans of every car chase ever made, Ed and I were eager to toss our hats into the ring and try to outdo them all... with stick figures. Also, we wanted to give the fans a scene worthy of calling this "Dick Figures THE MOVIE" so we pulled out all the stops and replaced them with explosions.

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