Dick Figures The Movie - Café Tourettes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgRUpV4SQDw I present the Dick Figures The Movie chapter with Lord Tourettes. Hit play and make sure no one else is F*CKING listening.

Okay, a little bit about this green guy. Lord Tourettes is voiced by Ben Tuller who is an absolute gentleman and would never swear unless we forced him to (and paid him). Which we did. Ben is an award-winning commercial director, documentarian and author from San Francisco but he moonlights as a foul-mouthed woodland creature for the series. From Lord Tourettes's humble origins in Episode 109 "Role Playas" where we introduced and then promptly killed him, he has grown into the all-time fan favorite. As if a show called "Dick Figures" wasn't bad enough, we decided to resurrect LT for the next 41 episodes.

It's understood (in Dick Figures cliché world) that the French are vulgar so Ed and I thought it would be funny if Lord Tourettes ended up in Paris and was a smash-hit with all of his curse-filled music. Click on this week's chapter of Dick Figures The Movie to find out what the f*ck happens!