Dick Figures - "Red Planet"

I'm wayyyyy behind on posting Dick Figures episodes for Season 5 so let's get it back on track with one of my favorites! We always joked that Red was from Outer Space so it only makes sense that he should return to the Red Planet. Unfortunately for our two-tone heroes, their mission is to find the Mars Rover...who turns out to be a real robotic jerk. The song everyone's talking about is "Make It Funky" (which you can buy now) so if you like that and all the music from the series go check out my brother Nick's site: www.nickkellermusic.com.

AND if you just can't wait to see all ten episodes PLUS a special bonus episode PLUS all-new animated intros, you can buy Season 5 right now on Googleplay, Mondo Media and pick up the DFS5 Soundtrack while you're at it!