Dick Figures The Movie - Day 2 - 3D

DFTM_Day2 We had a dilemma.

Several scenes in Dick Figures The Movie were just too technically complicated to animate traditionally, but we didn't want to completely change the style by moving the sequence into full 3D. It would look too clean, computer generated, and not feel like what our audience had seen for the last two years.

The solution was uniquely bizarre; we asked one of our artists to model elements in 3D but to maintain the simple, 2D, hand-drawn line quality of the show from every angle. Basically, he spent hours creating something that was supposed to look terrible... and it was perfect. Down to the overlapping lines and gray-scale textures, we were able to create fully three-dimensional models necessary for the high-speed action, moving camera, and complex choreography the scenes required while keeping the look and feel of the movie consistent with the show.

All of this work for stick figures.