Dick Figures The Movie - Day 5 - Keyframes

DFTM_Day5_sm Now begins a little bit of specifics into how we create the animation for Dick Figures as we're right in the middle of that phase of production. Above is Flash's Timeline where our artists are able to add "keyframes." Each keyframe pertains to a drawing, say, the hands, feet, eyes, mouth, or body of a character. Once the drawing is placed into this keyframe the animator then does a slightly different drawing into another keyframe a few frames later. This process is repeated until the action is complete. When enough of these are done in a row, often 12 drawings per second, and played back at the normal 24fps, it creates the illusion of movement. Sounds complicated... and it is. I hope that made sense, if not, which is no one's fault but my own, I highly recommend reading this. Here is Ryan Khatam, a fellow stick figures aficionado known for his work on Johnny Rocketfingers, animating the first actual night scene (notice the toned and darkened background) in Dick Figures' history.