Drax is back.

In Episode 4 of our Guardians series titled "Who Needs You," we focus on Drax (You can see the trailer here). One of the special things about our series is that we delve into the Guardians' backstories before they became who they are today. Before Peter is Star-Lord. Before Raccoon has partnered with Groot. Before Gamora is the deadliest assassin in the galaxy. Before Drax is known as "the Destroyer."

It's much more "Drax the Dad" this time around.


We've only ever seen him in the context of kicking the crap out of bad guys or being so literal that he annoys everyone around him... but what was Drax like as a father? Strange as that question may be to ask, it gets at the core of who he really is. His whole life has been dedicated to killing the man who killed his wife and daughter so what was he like when they were still alive? You'll get to play through Drax's backstory which we've never really seen in the comics or films. A big shout-out to Marvel for letting us take a stab at this, no pun intended.

Oh, and don't worry: there is no shortage of epic shootouts, dangerous spaceship action, monstrous worms and lots of laughs in this episode, plus a choice that will forever change the Guardians. If you're not careful, one or more of them might not make it out alive...