Duke of Fancy - Hunting Chops

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgsyMdnmz1g&feature=share&list=SPaR-PbNOgKigohjqUI1odKEiJtri9lMt7 At long last, Duke of Fancy begins again. Welcome the world's richest man back to YouTube with his brand new episode "Hunting Chops". We're thrilled to announce nine more episodes of DOF heading your way every other week starting... now!

The show was created by co-author of Meet Me At The Falls, John Dusenberry (who was also a storyboard artist/animator on "Dick Figures The Movie") and myself for the all-animation YouTube channel Rugburn. We've had the best time working on Duke of Fancy and cannot wait for you guys to see what kind of trouble the Duke gets into.

Spoiler alert: Lots.