KDP Select - End of Day 1

After setting my book to free on Amazon through KDP Select last night at midnight it has already jumped from no ranking, then to #39 on Humor when I woke up and just a few hours later it went to:

And then a few hours after that to #17:

I'm very curious to see how this KDP experiment goes and will continue to update throughout the final day tomorrow when some of the ads I input on these sites go live:

  • Pixel of Ink
  • Ereader News Today
  • Books On The Knob
  • Freebooksy
  • Bargain eBook Hunter
  • Snickslist
  • Orangeberry Books Tours
  • Free Kindle Fiction
  • Indie Book Of The Day
  • Free Book Dude
  • Digital Book Today
  • Kindle Book Review
  • Awesome Gang
  • Book Goodies
  • Kindle Book Promos

I didn't provide links above because they're all categorized and linked directly to each page's submission form here: Author Marketing Club. The creator of that page deserves a drink.

UPDATE: Just logged in this morning and the book moved up to #9 for all Humor (Free) on Amazon and has been downloaded over 1300 times.