KDP Select - End of Day 2 (Sale Complete)

Last night at midnight, my two day KDP Select experiment came to an end for my book The Success of Suexliegh with much better results than I expected. The second day of the sale was a slower climb up the rankings but saw far more downloads. Overnight it jumped from 17th to 7th place in the Humor section of Amazon (free) which gave it quite a bit of visibility now that it was on the front page next to well known comedy books by Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert. Then it moved to 6th a few hours later.

And finally to #5 where it stuck for the rest of the day while finally breaking into the Top 100 Free.

As a quick overview, it went from 0 free downloads and unranked to 3877 free downloads, #5 ranking in Humor (free) on Amazon, and #81 (no picture) for all Free Books on the Kindle Store. To an unknown author like me that kind of exposure is incredible. There are now almost 4000 people out there with my book whom I hope even 1% of which read, review, blog, or share the book.

Additionally, paid purchases for my short story jumped and when the sale ended it was my best day for purchases ever for the novel. It will take some time before the overall impact of this experiment can be seen, but so far using two out of my five free days through KDP Select has been a huge success and I highly recommend it to authors looking to broaden their exposure for, pun intended, free.