Kindle Matchbook: How Digital Distribution Should Work

Kindle_Matchbook Once again, Amazon blazes the publishing trail with its new Kindle Matchbook program. This offers readers who buy a book in paperback the chance to receive a discounted or free copy of the digital version too. For years, this method applied to DVDs/Blurays which included a digital version of the film but for some reason it has taken books much longer to realize the benefit. While some old guard content creators hold fast to the "Different Format — Pay Again" mentality I think that's on the verge of changing.

To me personally, if you buy one of my stories I want you to have the option to read it in every format possible, whenever and wherever you'd like. Phones, tablets, e-readers, paperbacks... I often find myself switching between all of these to finish a single book so I'm thrilled whenever I can easily pick up whatever device I want to read on and just keep turning pages. It's this flexibility for the consumer that makes digital content so beneficial and now Amazon has made it even better by bridging the gap between traditional paperback and new-fangled digital.


For my novel, The Success of Suexliegh, you can buy the paperback version for just $11.69 (discounted by Amazon from $12.99) and receive a Matchbook digital version for your Kindle absolutely free. I feel very strongly about this program so I've decided to offer the Kindle version at no cost to anyone who buys the paperback which is great for both the reader (who can now read the paperback AND digital version wherever they please) and the author (who now has a new tool to help grow his/her readership).

Click here to read more about Kindle Matchbook and find out if paperback books you already own are available to meet their digital counterparts!