Meet Me At The Falls (Part 2 - Reclamation)!


The wait is over!

"Part 1 - The End" found the Murphy family separated, lost and struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic America after a global cataclysm. They hoped the other family members were heading toward their old campsite at Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle, but don’t realize everyone has been derailed. The Father, Alan, encountered a cult who tried to use him in some ritual surrounding the supernatural phenomenon in the sky. The Kids, Edwin and Tricia, ran for their lives from "The Roar," a relentless black swarm—something between monster and machine. The Mother, Charlotte, met a helpless young man who sacrificed himself to save her from the lethal cold. The Son, Wiley, accidentally killed a bear, only to arrive at the Falls with no sign of his family. Either he is just the first to arrive...or the only one to survive.

Now... "Part 2 - Reclamation" finds the world crumbling beneath the Murphy family’s feet as the mystery surrounding what caused the apocalypse deepens. Each member of the family encounters new survivors attempting to recover what they've lost—or kill each other trying. As the Murphys continue their trek toward the Falls, everyone and everything stands in their way.

In this Kindle version, weighing in at 22,320 words (81 pages), you'll experience the next twist in the Murphy family's trail toward hope, humanity and one another. Writing Part 2 was truly a labor of love for John Dusenberry, Ben Tuller and myself over the last six months so we're thrilled that readers can finally find out what happens next. Click here to read "Meet Me At The Falls (Part 2 - Reclamation)."