Interview with the Marvelous Reading Room

Last week, the dynamic reading duo Sunny and Amanda were kind enough to interview us (John Dusenberry, Ben Tuller and myself) about Part 3 of our post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, other descriptor goes here, series "Meet Me At The Falls." If you're reading this blog, you're likely already aware of the short story series...but you might not be aware that Part 3 is out now!

Self-published stories exist solely because of the readers. We are not big publishers with marketing dollars behind us. We are three individuals (collectively known as Pen, Pint & Pyre Publishing). We sincerely appreciate every single purchase of our stories, and double-appreciate readers who tweet, tumble, blog and review our stories online (Amazon or Good Reads). It is thanks to you that we can afford enough coffee to keep writing.

Speaking of which, buy us a cup of coffee right now by downloading Meet Me At The Falls (Part 3 - Submersion)!