New Sci-Fi Serial: "Meet Me At The Falls"

MeetMeAtTheFalls_small If you like post-apocalyptic/science-fiction stories then you're in luck: I'm pleased to announce a new five-part serial that authors John Dusenberry, Ben Tuller and myself are writing together called:

Meet Me At The Falls

The story follows the Murphy family, Alan (the father), Charlotte (the mother), Edwin & Tricia (brother & sister), and Wiley (the youngest son) who survive the end of the world only to become hopelessly separated hundreds of miles apart. They must journey through devastated wilderness, evade roving bands of armed militias and figure out exactly what happened when every city on Earth fell apart at the same time. It's a story of humanity when humans have no future, of love when there is little to love anymore and of sacrifice when dying for what you believe is all you have left.

Follow the Murphys on their saga of survival to find one another and reach their family's old campsite at the Falls. Available now on Amazon for only $0.99!