"The Owl's Hare" is ready for your Kindle

Just in time for the holidays, I've released my epic fantasy story  "The Owl's Hare" on Amazon for only $0.99! I'm thrilled to start publishing this story—much like my post-apocalyptic series "Meet Me At The Falls"—every few months. My fiancée, Lindsey, created the book cover and I love every hauntingly beautiful pixel of it. What's the story, you ask? Why, here's what Amazon has to say:

Endless battles have exhausted the Realm for a thousand years...and the Dark Things have taken notice. Deep in the woods, rumors swirl of an evil wizard rising to conquer the war-weakened land. The only hope for survival is to unite the dueling kingdoms in marriage and combine forces against him. The plan appears promising until Owl, a bard with a deadly secret, sets off on a quest that will ruin everything: kidnapping the princess on her wedding day.

Awesome, right? If you're a fantasy fan who loves epic battles, ancient magic, and more monsters than you can shake a wand at, then you'll enjoy:


Click here to read "The Owl's Hare: 1st Movement - A Head Start."