Pen, Pint & Pyre Publishing

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One of the great joys in my life is writing with my two best friends.

We often spend late nights in pubs spinning tales or rising early to drink strong coffee and write before anyone else is awake. Being friends, and writing together, evolved naturally.

Ben Tuller and I grew up together. We used to go fishing and discuss our own mythology, a place known as Svinland, for hours on end. We never caught any fish but we always enjoyed the company. Now, in addition to being an awarded commercial director and the voice of an immensely popular animated character, Ben will soon be publishing his first novel—a charming adventure tale called Safari! Trust me, you can't wait to read it.

I met John Dusenberry while working at Six Point Harness (the studio that brought you Dick Figures) where we swiftly bonded over Tolkien and hiking in the hills above Los Angeles. John has an encyclopedic knowledge of books, film, animation and history which lead to unending conversations on a wild range of topics. Like any true creative partner, he challenges me to be better at everything I do. Somehow, with a full-time animation director gig and growing family, he chalks up over 2,000 written words an hour. He's writing two books at the same time, one with each hand, and both are turning out beautifully.

Naturally, these friendships turned to writing in one form or another. When one of us would write a poem, a short story, or a novel, the other two would act as de facto editors, critics and first fans of the work. We developed our own unique strengths which became invaluable to push and pull each other's stories into the best shape possible.

With the imminent release of several novels, we decided to band together as friends, as authors, and now as independent publishers under the moniker Pen, Pint & Pyre Publishing.

As we are all of celtic descent, mythology aficionados and there be three of us, it was an unconsciously unanimous decision to make our logo a holy trinity: the clover. Pen stands for, well, a pen as we are all writers. Pint for beer, not only a proper drink to imbibe while discussing literary heroes, but also because we all home-brew our own beer. And finally, Pyre for the flame that burns within in all creative people. Stamped in burgundy wax, the Pen, Pint & Pyre seals all that we stand and write for.


We live in a world where nearly every creative industry is changing. Movies. TV. Games. Comics. Books. In the last few years, all of these industries have seen revolutionary upheavals in the way creators distribute their work. Gone are the days of massive distributors as they are steadily replaced by independent networks and individuals.

Thanks to the proliferation of self-publishing options, writers can now focus on what they do best: write. And they can write without fear that no one will ever see their work as it can now be published to millions of readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, Wattpad and other marketplaces for absolutely free in a matter of minutes. We (Ben, John and I) fully embrace this ideology and decided to self-publish some of our work to completely control the content, reader interaction, and revenue stream.

Our successes, and failures, are entirely our own. That is a challenge we three scoundrels relish.

The success of self-publishing relies entirely on the readers so please do yourself, and us, a favor and check out our sci-fi writing collaboration, Meet Me At The Falls, about a family trying to find each other after the apocalypse. Three of the five parts have been released so you can binge read the series this weekend. What're you waiting for? Do it now! All we promise is that you'll love it.