SERIES FINALE: Duke of Fancy - "Love to Hate" Yes, it's true. This episode marks the series finale for Duke of Fancy. Co-creator/writer/director/animator/gentleman John Dusenberry and I had a wonderful time mingling with millionaires and finding fun for the man who can have anything. With every episode, we started with a wild "what if" and then just ran with the crazy. Having a protagonist who could literally buy the sky, there was no shortage of zany ideas. For shows, and stories in general, it takes time for the creators and the fans to build a relationship of trust that they're going to see something hilarious every week so it's unfortunate to be leaving this soon. At least, we're glad to have been able to make this show at all.

Thank you to everyone who watched Duke of Fancy, and those who worked on it too. We hope you learned to fear anyone wearing a floating top hat and sporting a cane.