The Success of Suexliegh - Chapter 1 - The Greatest Man To Have Ever Lived (Audiobook) Beginning today, all 100-chapters of "The Success of Suexliegh" will be released weekly on YouTube courtesy of audiobook narrator, Nicolas D. Frantela. The story follows Suexliegh, the world's richest man, who fails to pay his taxes which sends the entire world into financial ruin and him to prison. It's a riches to rags story about the high life, loss of liberty, and the true pursuit of happiness — one that cannot be purchased.

Thanks to the bourbony voice of Nic (a wonderful narrator and my former college roommate), the trials and trifles of Suexliegh will be brought weekly to your ears in free, 5-minute installments with original, orchestral interludes by Nick Keller.

So please, do as Suexliegh would: kick up your heels, recline comfortably, and enjoy this audio narrative.