"The Success of Suexliegh" Full Audiobook For Sale


After 100-hours of solid work, my good friend (and creative juggernaut) Nicolas D. Frantela has completed the unabridged audiobook for "The Success of Suexliegh." Nic put his heart and soul into the production of this audiobook and it really shows. For each character, of which there are dozens, Nic created unique voices and accents which makes them come to life before your very ears. True to his multi-faceted abilities, Nic was the narrator, recording engineer, and editor for the full 7.25 hour audiobook. While writing the book was a labor of love for me, recording it was the same for him. Add in some original music  from my brother Nick and you've got yourself an auditory treat.

Starting today, you can find "The Success of Suexliegh" audiobook on Amazon, iTunes or AudibleListening is a pleasure most fine so I urge you to join Suexliegh on his journey to find out what truly makes a man rich (while making Nic rich too).