"Suexliegh" Now Available in Paperback

At long last, the paperback version of The Success of Suexliegh is finally available. When I first sat down to write the book, I knew I wanted to keep the pace quick so I came up with the format of two-page chapters. When you open the book, the chapter starts on the left page and ends on the right, turn the page, new chapter, and so on. All in all there are one-hundred, two-page chapters throughout the book which makes you feel like a real reading champ: "Why, I'm eighty-five chapters into this book I'm reading... how many chapters does your book have?" Though I really like the flexibility of the eBook versions, the print version is how Suexliegh is meant to be read with all the proper fonts and formatting. I think you'll enjoy it ever much.

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Here's the full jacket cover by Lindsey.