A comic based on a game based on a movie, etc

This week, Marvel Comics and Telltale Games released a five-issue comic series based on our Guardians of the Galaxy game. It's written by Fred Van Lente, artwork by Salvador Espin, and cover by David Nakayama. As Fred astutely points out this is a comic based on a game based on a movie based on a comic. The series tells the backstory of the Guardians' conflict with Thanos the Mad Titan which leads straight into the climatic confrontation in Episode 1.

Not only is it hilarious and chock-full of great character interactions, but Fred wrote several classic "Telltale Moments" into the series where we see the difficult decisions Peter Quill must make as a leader. In Issue #1, Gamora proposes sneaking in to get the jump on their enemies while Drax prefers a brute-force head-on assault. What will Peter choose?

Fred, who I worked with at Telltale on The Walking Dead: Michonne series, has a unique perspective on both the Guardians and how we make interactive stories so he was absolutely the right person to write this series. I can't wait to see where he takes it next.

Pop on by your local comic shop (or Comixology) and be sure to pick up all three variants before they run out!