The music is back. (Guardians of the Galaxy Ep. 3)

After a long pause, the music is back.

This week, we released the third episode of our Guardians series entitled "More Than A Feeling." In this episode, we delve into the troubled history of Gamora and Nebula to learn of a specific event that forever changed their relationship. Spoiler alert: You get to play as both Gamora AND Nebula. Oh, and of course Peter Quill too. It's definitely the most fun episode of the season so far with lots of surprises and a catchy, interactive montage along the way.


I've been super excited about this episode since its inception. We learn more about the secrets of the Eternity Forge. We meet an emotional new character (who I won't reveal here). We confront a bully as young Peter Quill. We get to kick ass as Gamora. And, in the end, there is a choice that splits the ENTIRE BACK HALF OF THE SEASON. That's right, the final choice in 103 is not some bait and switch, it actually ripples throughout episode 4 and 5 in a major way. The first two episodes have been building up to this moment so choose wisely. The Guardians will not forget this decision... and there is no going back once you pick sides.

So don't just sit around rubbing your chin... go pick up the new episode! It will make Groot very, very happy.