We're selling out! (In a good way)

IMG_5839 SF. Berkeley. Oakland. LA. Van Nuys. Chicago. Madison. Brooklyn. Even Canada, Ireland and the UK!

Within days, Death Head Issue #1 has sold out in tons of stores worldwide! Dark Horse has done an incredible job distributing and marketing my horror comic so I am eternally grateful to them. Since this is a new series created by relative unknowns in the comic industry, I never imagined we'd nearly sell out the first printing in under a week!


My favorite experience from release week was doing a signing at Dr. Comics & Mr. Games in Oakland. When I was a kid, I would spend every dollar of my allowance there. As an adult, I do the same...except with my salary. Dr. Comics is a magical place that has new comic issues, back issues, rare issues, graphic novels, toys, shirts, board games, D&D dice and a boatload more goodies for us nerds to nerd out on. If you happen to be in the East Bay, make sure you stop by Dr. Comics and pick something up! It's a dream come true to have a comic on their shelves.


Creator-owned comics live and die by their readers so if you like Death Head, please share it! Tell others on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your blog, shouting in public... anything! Every little bit helps. Thank you so so so much to everyone who bought Issue 1 and get ready for Issue #2 August 19!