A comic based on a game based on a movie, etc

This week, Marvel Comics and Telltale Games released a five-issue comic series based on our Guardians of the Galaxy game. It's written by Fred Van Lente, artwork by Salvador Espin, and cover by David Nakayama. As Fred astutely points out this is a comic based on a game based on a movie based on a comic. The series tells the backstory of the Guardians' conflict with Thanos the Mad Titan which leads straight into the climatic confrontation in Episode 1.

Not only is it hilarious and chock-full of great character interactions, but Fred wrote several classic "Telltale Moments" into the series where we see the difficult decisions Peter Quill must make as a leader. In Issue #1, Gamora proposes sneaking in to get the jump on their enemies while Drax prefers a brute-force head-on assault. What will Peter choose?

Fred, who I worked with at Telltale on The Walking Dead: Michonne series, has a unique perspective on both the Guardians and how we make interactive stories so he was absolutely the right person to write this series. I can't wait to see where he takes it next.

Pop on by your local comic shop (or Comixology) and be sure to pick up all three variants before they run out!

Comicon 2016. And how tired I am now.

San Diego Comicon 2016 was exhausting, but the pattern is predictable. I roll into San Diego excited to see old friends and check out new things on the convention floor. I roll out a tired, sweaty, irritable husk of a man who needs more coffee. This year was no exception... and it was totally worth every second. Some highlights:

  • Roadtripping with my good friend Eric Stirpe
  • Drinking moscow mules with my brother Nick and animation pal John Dusenberry
  • Chatting with Mike Richardson and Spencer Cushing at the Dark Horse Booth
  • Giving out signed Death Head Issue #1s and our newly released trade paperback
  • Getting a Troy Baker shout-out after our Batman: A Telltale Series screening
  • Never having to use a bathroom inside the convention center once

Even though I can barely keep my eyes open now, this was one of my favorite Comicons ever. Here's what it looked like through the perspective of my phone's camera:

Signing "Death Head" at SDCC, come visit!

Anyone headed down to Comicon this year? If so, my brother Nick and I will be signing our newly released trade paperback for Death Head. There will be single Issues #1-6 along with the graphic novel compendium which features all issues, covers, behind the scenes articles and making of artwork. It's a beautiful book which will be made even beautiful-er with our signatures on it. Stop by the Dark Horse Comics booth #2615, Sunday 7/24 at 10-10:50AM and get your copy before it runs out (like last year)!

Dark Horse Comics Signing Comicon

The Doctor Is In

After six months of murder and mayhem at the hands of a Plague Doctor, the end is near for the Burton family, and our readers. Today, Death Head Issue #6 "The Doctor Is In" hits store shelves everywhere (buy online here or Comixology too). There have been tons of questions over the past 5 issues, but don't worry—we're putting nails in many of those coffin lids. You should stop reading this post and go read the final issue of Death Head... ...then leave a comment below to let me know what you think!


Cathedral of the Crow

Okay, Death Heads, sorry for the delay, but we're back! Issue #5 - Cathedral of the Crow is on the shelf RIGHT NOW. Issue 4 dropped a megaton bomb... there are multiple plague doctors. But how many? And which one(s) are after the Burtons? And what are the rest doing? AND WHY?!?!?!

I like questions in storytelling, almost as much as I like answers. So for all of you out there wondering "How the hell is this going to weave together?" I can confidently say "It totally will." Death Head has been a slow burn since the beginning, but the stakes and tension have been steadily mounting page by page. By the end of Issue 5, we're hoping your head will explode from sheer awesomeness (Yes, another BIG thing happens on the final page).

Head on over to your local shop and pick up Issue 5 today because nothing says "the holidays" like Plague Doctors.