"Ninety Percent Nick" Now Available

I'm happy to announce that my latest short story is now available on Amazon. It's called Ninety Percent Nick. One part horror, one part psychological thriller, the story follows a guy who begins losing time from his day. At first, it's just a few seconds here or there, but soon it grows to minutes... and then hours. He has no idea how it started, how he can make it stop and what he's doing during that missing time. Let's just say, he's up to no good.

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The Doctor Is In

After six months of murder and mayhem at the hands of a Plague Doctor, the end is near for the Burton family, and our readers. Today, Death Head Issue #6 "The Doctor Is In" hits store shelves everywhere (buy online here or Comixology too). There have been tons of questions over the past 5 issues, but don't worry—we're putting nails in many of those coffin lids. You should stop reading this post and go read the final issue of Death Head... ...then leave a comment below to let me know what you think!


"The Lock" - just in time for Halloween

Ever since I started religiously reading Stephen King books a few years ago, I've been writing a new horror short every Halloween. With only three days left, I barely got this one done in time! It's called The Lock. Some events in this story are true, some are fabricated, but the whole thing really struck home for me. Probably because it's loosely based on my own childhood home. Writing this story creeped me out so much that I had to put some happy thoughts back into my life by watching The Office for several hours. That's never happened to me before—actually being afraid of what I was writing—so I hope you feel the same goosebumps.

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"Dead Man's Ditch" Free on Amazon (Horror)

DMD_Free As a thank you to all the readers, watchers and listeners out there, I made my horror short story "Dead Man's Ditch" FREE on Amazon until tomorrow night! If you've got a Kindle, the Kindle App on your phone/tablet, or even through Amazon's Cloud Reader on your computer you can get the story absolutely spanking free.

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving. Click here to read the story!