Review of "The Cruise of the Rolling Junk" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Cruise of the Rolling JunkThe Cruise of the Rolling Junk by F. Scott Fitzgerald My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A beautifully written and (mostly) true story about F. Scott and Zelda taking a road-trip to the South in search of peaches. If there was ever a story with a more whimsical start I certainly don't know it. As the automobile was still in its infancy, this is one of the first in a long history of American road-trip stories. Anyone who is a fan of Fitzgerald's writing should certainly pick up this quick read.

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"The Dark Tower" #7 by Stephen King, Review

The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, #7)The Dark Tower by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stand and be true. The journey is long and winding, but the clearing at the end of the path is worth every step. I respect The Dark Tower more than almost any other book I've read in recent memory. It is a true testament to the tradition of storytelling, the draw of vibrant characters, and the limitless power of desire, not only for the hero, but for the reader. While it certainly has its low points, mostly in the form of lengthy tangents and confusing subplots, that is one of the reasons I enjoyed it. Like the protagonist, Roland, the series is daring. The volumes, daunting. There is great mystery, not only in what lays within the Dark Tower, but also why the book ceaselessly pulls you in to read another page. And another. And 4,250 more. Lay over by the campfire, rest your six shooters, and just enjoy the palaver.

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